Many people hear the word "doula" have no idea what it means. And many of those who DO know what a doula is might be under the assumption that they support home births or unmedicated births only. But that is completely FALSE! 

A doula is a non-medical professional trained to support pregnant women + their families before, during, and after giving birth. ANY type of birth.

Did you know that when a woman is in labor, a nurse or doctor is typically only present in the room less than half of the time? There are so many unknowns within the birthing process, and every birth is so different. So it is only natural that it can be an overwhelming and sometimes scary process!

As your doula, I offer non-judgmental support to you and your partner throughout your pregnancy + birthing experience. I can ease your fears through education + information, keep you as comfortable as possible in labor through positioning + hands on assistance, and validate your feelings while helping you think positively about your birth experience.

what the heck is a doula, anyway?

Whether you plan for an epidural, an unmedicated birth, or a c-section, I am trained to help you prepare for that experience, enhance the role of your partner, and make you feel supported in every way.

After my own birth experience, I knew I wanted to become a doula right away. There were quite a few curveballs that came up during the birth of our son from a hurricane to a medical need for immediate induction, among some other things we didn't plan for. But with the support of our doula, we walked into the process without fear and were able to stay calm throughout my long hours of labor.

Her presence took the stress + pressure off of my husband and allowed us to simply be a husband and wife welcoming our baby into the world. Even through the hard moments, I felt like I had the BEST team behind me and it gave me the extra encouragement that I needed. When I remember Sylas's birth, I don't think about fear, anxiety, or pain. I think about how empowered I felt, the sweetest, most intimate moments with my husband, and how wildly supported we felt the whole time. My hope is to give each of my families that same feeling!

I am so excited to offer birth photography and my doula services within The Milestone Collection. There will certainly be times when my role as a doula takes precedent over photographing, and vice versa. If I am doing my job right as your doula, you will have plenty of intimate moments with your partner. And in those times, I will be sure to have my camera out! 

My Passion For Becoming a Doula

- ina may gaskin

"Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life."

+ prenatal consulting appointment
+ attendance at birth including doula services + birth photography
+ follow up postnatal appointment within 2 weeks of baby's birth
+unlimited text/e-mail support leading up to + following birth

option within the milestone collection includes:

Labor/Birth Doula services

Milestone Collection Doula Services

+ minimum of 50 images
+ online gallery
+ unlimited digital download
+ print release

your birth is an intimate + sacred experience. we will talk through the photography process to make sure you are comfortable with the experience and that we capture the images you are dreaming of.

within the milestone collection includes:

More About
Birth Photography

Doula Timeline

birth support + photography

I will be on call in the weeks leading up to your due date so that I can be present during your labor + birth. When it's time, I can talk you through early labor + either meet you at your home or the hospital when you are ready. Together with your partner I will offer hands on comfort measures, assistance with labor positions, and emotional support in every moment. I'll continue to support you through all the things that happen after baby is born before I leave y'all to be alone as a family. And of course, through it all I will capture those sweet moments of meeting your baby for the first time!

We will schedule a meeting to chat and include anyone who will also be present during your birth. I will walk you through any fears you are having, answer any questions you might have, and help you navigate a list of your preferences so I can prepare for how I can best support you and your team during your labor + birth.

Within two weeks of your baby's birth, we will schedule a postpartum follow up appointment. I'll be there to help you through whatever you need in those early days; whether it is concerns you might be having, processing/talking through your birth experience,  or even a household chore you need a little extra help with.

prenatal appointment

postpartum follow up

How It Works

1. Photograph Your Pregnancy Announcement and/or Gender Reveal Session

2. Photograph your Maternity Session

3. Photograph your Birth

4. Photograph your Newborn Session

5. Photograph your Optional Family Session

6. Design + curate a handcrafted, heirloom album of your favorite images of the whole journey from start to finish.

what i do as your photographer

WHat I do as your doula

1. Meet with you for our Prenatal Appointment

2. Attend + support you through your labor and birth experience

3. Meet with you within 2 weeks of your baby's birth for your postpartum follow up appointment

Choose Your Sessions/Services






+ 10 x 10 album

+ your choice of color + linen or leather cover

+ personal hand-selected favorite images from each of your sessions + birth

+ design/curation

+ shipping to your doorstep

your album includes:

The Milestone Collection Heirloom Album

This is perhaps one of my favorite parts of the entire collection. These albums make for the ULTIMATE baby book! Imagine your little one being able to flip through its pages to see mom + dad finding out about the pregnancy, all the way through the birth experience + newborn family photos.

become a milestone mama

I know you are probably nervous to take this next step because it officially means you are spilling the beans to someone about your big news. Or that the idea of BIRTH is finally starting to become more and more real!

I am incredibly honored that you are interested in having me along this amazingly beautiful ride with you. I cannot wait to support you through the all of the ups + downs that come with giving birth, and to document the greatest joy + love you've ever felt. :) 

EEEK!! I'm smiling already.

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