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Becoming a mama to Sylas has been the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced and it's been such a pivotal season in my life. I've never felt such conflicting emotions at the same time -- already nostalgic for how little my son was yesterday, yet anxiously awaiting the milestones he has yet to reach as he grows. I wish I could relive his birth (well, maybe not the 30 hrs of labor part) to feel that incredible, spiritual, overwhelming rush of love over and over again. I want to bottle up all of these sweet moments during these ever so fleeting days so that they never feel far away. To me, the closest thing to doing that is through photographs! Which is why I am so very grateful we invested in documenting our whole journey to parenthood with professional images.

I have always enjoyed photographing pregnancy announcements, maternity photos, and newborn photos. However, now that I have experienced these things myself it gives me a whole new perspective and therefore gets me even more excited! 

The best part about this package is we will get to work together for the next TEN months or so! We will work together for three photo sessions, and you will receive the most beautiful album to cherish each of those moments for the years to come. I don't take it lightly that you would be letting me in on such a special, intimate, and vulnerable part of your life. So yes, I might tear up a little when I get that booking e-mail from you. I can't wait to see your sweet belly grow, witness you fall even more deeply in love with your spouse, and watch you step into this new role as a mama as you receive God's greatest gift!

The Milestone COllection

I think there is no such thing as the "correct" time to announce your pregnancy. If you wanted, we could schedule the session for as soon as you see those two lines on a stick! However, most couples will choose to wait until after their first appointment (usually around 8 weeks) to take photos with the first official ultrasound! Then you can of course post the images whenever you feel comfortable. If you'd like, we can even delay your announcement session until after you find out the gender of the baby. 

documenting these most precious + fleeting moments

three sessions




three sessions

Your maternity session can be done whenever you feel the most comfortable! However, I will naturally recommend scheduling it for after you officially "pop" so we can show off that cute bump! I would say a good range to aim for would be anywhere from 28-35 weeks. I do not suggest scheduling much later than that, because you never know when you will go into labor! I have had some maternity sessions need to reschedule as newborn sessions when baby decides to come early.

Those early days at home with your babe are oh-so-sweet but they can also be very overwhelming! So I usually suggest scheduling your newborn session 1-3 weeks from your little one's birthday. That way it will give you a little time to settle into a routine before needing to worry about a photoshoot at your home! But we also don't want to wait too long so we can capture those fingers and toes while they're still teeny tiny. We can put a tentative date on the calendar around your due date!


the finished product is delivered to your doorstep!


your album is designed in a beautifully curated layout that best tells the story of this sweetest journey


choose your album cover material + color



select your favorite images from your three delivered galleries

to commemorate this special journey from start to finish

the handcrafted heirloom album

decide on a "title" + text color

The finishing touch to this collection, and perhaps my favorite part, is the 10 x 10 heirloom album. These pieces are hand made and designed to stand the test of time so you can pass it down to your little one, your future grandchildren, and beyond!

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I read through all of your responses about you and your love, and your future babe! I will be in touch with the next steps on officially booking the collection!

1. i smile real big when your inquiry hits my inbox

the milestone collection experience

Once we figure out we are the perfect fit for each other, we make it official and I do a little happy dance! You'll be provided with plenty of materials to help you plan for your sessions to make sure we get the BEST photos of this sweet season.

2. we make it official!

the milestone collection experience

We 'll have so much fun at this session coming up with clever and sweet ways to capture the fact that your family is growing! I'll be so giddy knowing I get to be a part of such a special secret. Don't worry -- it is safe with me until you officially share your big news!

3. your announcement session

the milestone collection experience

Once you officially "pop" we can set up a session to photograph how beautiful and radiant you are with your previous bump.

4. Your maternity session

the milestone collection experience

After the arrival of your little one, we will set up a time within a couple of weeks to capture those squishy little fingers + toes. And the GREATEST, purest joy on mama and daddy's faces.

5. your newborn session

the milestone collection experience

Choose all your favorites from all three of your sessions and I will have the best time designing your beautiful, hand crafted heirloom album! You, your spouse, and your babies will LOVE flipping through its pages and reliving the most magical journey. This is one TOP NOTCH baby book that no one else will have.

6. choose your fave images

the milestone collection experience


to tell me your story and we can start chatting all the things!! :)

Let's get this party started!

the milestone collection experience

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