Are you ready to have the clarity, direction, strategy, and accountability you need to finally achieve the goals you've been striving for?

The Prosper Workshop is a comprehensive learning experience + community for female portrait photographers who are ready to find clarity in business and freedom in life.

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Saturday, February 25th 2023

Elevate Coworking
Wilmington, NC

feeling stuck

Tired of feeling stuck when it comes to your business?

BEEN THERE. Done That. 

BUT YOU DON’T HAVE to stay stuck.

It isn't easy being your own boss. You just want to serve your clients straight from the heart, but doing that while balancing the integrity of your business and personal life is so overwhelming! I'm here to remind you that you are welcome in this space and more than worthy to do what you do. It is possible to run a purposeful business that values its clients with room to profit + scale. 
And I can teach you how!

join the workshop!

Helping other women grow into their passion and reach their fullest potential makes my heart SING. ​I am a firm believer in that we should never stop learning, especially as small businesses and entrepreneurs! 

After hosting this workshop for years, I have designed it with YOU in mind. I want you to feel equipped with the resources, experience, and support that I wish I had from the very start of my business! 

It all started with a  camera and a dream.

bring in the profit you need to feel financial freedom

consistently attract + book clients you LOVE working with

create a dream schedule that allows for a healthy work / life balance

build the very confidence you need to find your unique space in the industry


Imagine yourself a few months from now, ACTUALLY living in the very business AND life you have been dreaming of.

it just takes ACTION.

Change is Possible

guess what?


I need clarity in marketing my personal brand on social media so that I can generate more leads from my ideal client.

I want to make a pivot in my current business but don't know how or where to begin.

I need systems + automation to take guilt-free time off and work only desired business hours.

I am currently in or approaching burnout and starting to resent what I do.

I need help pricing my offers as I am feeling stuck and want to bring in more profit.

I want to create a niche and stand out in my market.

Does this sound like you?

i'm ready, let's do this!

We will break down what it takes for your offers to become profitable so you can bring in the income you need and deserve to run a sustainable business. We'll also dive into sales-- think selling out mini session events, prints + albums, etc.!

here's what we'll focus on

The Workshop

building income

Providing an outstanding client experience is the only way to build a successful photography business and loyal clientele. I'll teach you how to get raving reviews, create more value for your clients, and become the “go-to” photographer for whatever it is that sets your soul on fire.

creating a niche offer

Learn the systems and boundaries that will allow you to take guilt-free time off, only work your desired business hours, gain confidence in your client interactions, and leave room on the table for growth, creativity, and more of what you LOVE!

serving more
by working less

- Payton m.

I felt loved and valued through the whole experience and I could tell my success mattered to her."

"Chelsea doesn't just give you information + leave you to figure it out, but a roadmap of how to get there.

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- cayce f.

Chelsea made me feel empowered and motivated. After our calls, I would come out feeling inspired to put effort and work into building my brand. I went into sessions feeling more confident too!"

"I now feel like a true business owner + deserve to be paid for it!

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- cailyn w.

She shares extremely helpful tips and advice that even people with years of experience find enlightening."

"Chelsea is completely transparent and cares about seeing you grow. 

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best value!

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What's so cool about the world we live in today is that although it can seem saturated, there is so much potential and space for anyone to pursue their wildest dreams! There IS room for you too. You can take the beautiful, unique gifts that God gave you and turn them into the life and business you could only dream of until now. It's time.

Are You Ready?



No. 1

No. 2

You are MORE than welcome to join us! I wish I would have had these foundations from the VERY start of my business. It would have saved me lots of time and probably lots of money too, ha! You'll learn the principles of setting up your business to be profitable and sustainable, and how to serve your clients with excellence!

No. 3

No problem at all! In fact, this workshop will help you discover YOUR purpose within your business, your true motivation and "why" behind it. Through that process we will discover the appropriate goals to coincide with your vision.

No. 4

We will do our best to stay on track with the modules throughout the workshop. However, there will definitely be room for Q + A and we may also go over additional topics that come up. You will also have the opportunity to continue support through one on one coaching following the workshop!

EEEKK!! Can't wait to see you there, friend!

this is me doing a happy dance when i see your name pop up on the roster!

I'm So Pumped For You!

i'm so ready.

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