I'm Chelsea...a NY native living in the Wilmington, NC area and I absolutely love living here in the beautiful South. Even though I earned my Exercise Science degree in college (and still enjoy teaching fitness classes), I've always had a passion for pretty images. When I reflect back on my younger years, I think about the hours I would spend taking photos and editing them for my Myspace page or on the all-about-horses website I made when I was 12 (kinda embarrassing but also cool?). And I often wonder why I didn't pursue photography as a career from the get-go, but we're here now, and I wouldn't change a thing about the journey that got me here! 

I'm engaged to the man of my dreams-- his name is Jordan. And we are currently planning for our wedding in September 2019! So when I say I love hearing about all the details of your wedding plans, I ain't lying, friend. Being engaged is so much fun!

 I am obsessed with our rescue dog, Wrigley, and leaving her is always the worst part of my day. I think she's the sweetest, mushiest dog in the whole world. When you meet her you'll understand.

I grew up an avid equestrian, though the opportunity to get on the back of a horse is much more rare in my adult life. I truly cherish all of the years I spent revolving my whole world around the sport, and I still get excited to be around those amazing animals. If you plan to get married on a farm or somehow have horses involved in your pictures, I am GAME and I might even cry from excitement. 

Most of all, I love real connections with people, so I can't wait to work with you and hear your story!

hello there!

Vanilla lattes are my go-to and I prefer local coffee over Starbucks any day. If you ask me if I'd like a cup of coffee, I'll pretty much never say no.


I don't have cable anymore, but if I did, I would watch HGTV exclusively. I could binge watch some home renovation shows all. day. long. 


some more fun facts


I am a yogi and I love both taking & teaching yoga classes. It is my therapy and I love how it makes me feel. Sometimes I'll randomly feel the urge to do a headstand.


I am the youngest of my siblings and am the only girl. I loved growing up with two older brothers! I also have two little nephew boys who have completely stolen my heart.



I cry at weddings no matter what. Like even if I have never met the couple before. I just love love. So, you best believe I'll be losing it at yours. But I promise I will still photograph beautiful moments through my tears. 

I co-host a podcast called "Heart + Sole" with my friend, Kathryn! We talk about everything from health & fitness to entrepreneurship, and so much more. Most of all we love sharing stories of breakthrough, shameless living, and empowering women to own their worth & walk empowered toward truth. You can tune in on iTunes or Spotify for a new episode every Wednesday! 


If I really, really love a show, I will watch the whole series multiple times. I have done this with Parks & Rec, Friends, Parenthood, and Grey's Anatomy. Anyone else??


Jordan and I met on Tinder! And now we are getting married. No shame in the online-dating game. :)

photos by Cameron Faye Photography