The Milestone Collection TM is an exclusive, personalized experience that tells the whole story of your pregnancy journey from announcing your big news to capturing the newfound wholeness of your little family! 

investment begins at $2,100

+ pregnancy announcement session
+ gender reveal session
+ maternity session
+ newborn session
+ family session(s)
+ 10 x 10 handcrafted heirloom album 
+ hard copy of exclusive "The Milestone Collection Experience" guide
+ unconditional love + support throughout

customizable packages may include:

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become a milestone mama

You may build your own Milestone Collection experience by selecting two or more portrait sessions leading up to and after welcoming your baby. Sessions may be used for pregnancy announcement and/or gender reveal, maternity, newborn, and family session(s).

The Milestone Collection Portrait Sessions

+ 20 images for digital download
+ online gallery for viewing/download/ordering
+ print release on downloaded files
+ outfit consultation
+ scheduling and coordination for professional makeup for mama
+ access to client wardrobe for moms + littles
+ access to newborn wraps 

each session includes:

browse dresses

Your portrait sessions  are an important  investment-- it's completely understandable that you you want to make the most out of it! Between coordinating outfits with your partner or family, deciding on the perfect time and location, and maybe even scheduling hair + makeup, it can be very overwhelming!

Allow me to take one more thing off of your plate! I offer complimentary rentals from my client closet stocked with beautiful dresses that are both comfortable and photograph beautifully.  No need to worry about what colors or prints will look best, if the cut will be flattering, or if your online order will arrive on time for your scheduled session. All of that research has already been done for you as I curated this closet specifically with YOU in mind! 

Provided Wardrobe

I come to your session equipped with a variety of wraps/swaddles so we can get your little one looking like the sweetest little baby burrito for photos. This helps baby to stay nice and cozy and content for the duration of your session. Don't worry -- you can sit back and relax while I do it for you! 

Newborn Wrapping

Your portrait sessions mean so much more than simply posting a few digital photos on social media. You're investing in lifelong memories and the ability to revisit this sweet season with your family again and again. 

It's easy for the intention of printing your own images to get away from you once you are fully enthralled in parenthood. And that is completely understandable! But you still deserve to have your images in tangible form beyond a digital hard drive.

Once your Milestone Collection is complete, I'll curate the design of your heirloom album to best tell your family's story. Imagine your little one being able to flip through its pages to see mom + dad finding out about the pregnancy, how beautiful mama looked while pregnant, all the way through newborn and family photos. This is a hand-crafted timeless piece that will be passed on for generations to come. The Ultimate Baby Book!

The Heirloom Album

+ 10 x 10 legacy album (10 spreads)

+ your choice of linen cover and debossing cover text (option to upgrade to leather or suede)

+ design/curation

+ shipping to your doorstep

your milestone collection album includes:

If you opt for professional makeup, I will schedule + coordinate your appointments for you. All you need to do is show up ready to be pampered!

After your collection is booked, you will receive your exclusive milestone collection guide in the mail. It will include everything you need to prep for your portraits + more.

On each of your session days, I'll guide you and your partner the entire time. My goal is for each of your sessions to also become a sweet memory from your pregnancy and beyond!

After we've photographed your final session, together we'll put together your heirloom album that includes images from the entire experience. I'll curate the design to best tell the story of your family.

the milestone collection process

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No need to stress over buying anything new for your photos! Choose from a wide variety of complimentary rental pieces from my client closet that you'll both feel beautiful and photograph well in! 


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When you book a Milestone Collection, you'll be getting much more than just photos. My goal is that you feel supported and celebrated every step of the way! You'll be provided with everything you need to prepare for each of your sessions, access to the Milestone Mama Facebook group, and a hard copy of the Milestone Collection Guide to welcome officially welcome you to the family!

so excited to have you, love!

Becoming a Milestone Mama


- alexa m.

When we met Chelsea to photograph our first session, I knew I'd made the right choice. She was amazing behind the camera and so personable. The final piece of the Milestone Collection is the Heirloom Album and ohhh my heart. I'm so in love with it. I cannot wait to show my son when he's older and to have this beautiful album forever."

"I'm already excited for our next baby so that we can go through this process again!

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- courtney r.

We were so incredibly pleased with Chelsea's professionalism, yet friendly and nurturing nature. She's so great at guiding us on what poses are best  and even helping us with picking out our outfits. The best was receiving our photo album, which we look at ALL THE TIME! Looking forward to becoming a Milestone Mama again!"

"We absolutely LOVED our entire Milestone experience.

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- payton h.

We booked a Milestone Collection so we could easily relive the sweet moments of expecting our first baby. Chelsea made me & my husband feel so comfortable during every photo shoot, and was even someone I could lean on to discuss my difficult delivery during the newborn session."

"The cherry on top was the beautiful heirloom album at the end!

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- kathryn b.

 From the announcement to maternity to newborn photos, we were blown away by the images we received. We could not be more thankful that we now have these photos to remember this special season of our lives forever!"

"When we got pregnant, we knew we wanted Chelsea to capture the memories of our new adventure!

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hear from past milestone mamas

become a milestone mama

Becoming a mama to Sylas has been the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced and it's been such a pivotal season in my life. I've never felt such conflicting emotions at the same time -- already nostalgic for how little my son was yesterday, yet anxiously awaiting the milestones he has yet to reach as he grows.

I wish I could relive his birth (well, maybe not the 30 hrs of labor part) to feel that incredible, spiritual, overwhelming rush of love over and over again. I want to bottle up all of these sweet moments during these ever so fleeting days so that they never feel far away. To me, the closest thing to doing that is through photographs! Which is why I am so very grateful we invested in documenting our whole journey to parenthood with professional images.

why I created



Now that I have experienced these things myself it gives me a whole new perspective and gets me even more excited to provide both imagery + support for my clients!

The best part about this package is we will get to work together for the next TEN months or more! We will work together for each of your photo sessions, potentially even talk through the birth experience, and you will receive the most beautiful album to cherish each of those moments for the years to come. I don't take it lightly that you would be letting me in on such a special, intimate, and vulnerable part of your life. So yes, I might tear up a little when I get that booking email from you. I can't wait to see your sweet belly grow, witness you fall even more deeply in love with your partner, and watch you step into this new role as a mama as you receive God's greatest gift!





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I know you are probably nervous to take this next step because it might mean you are spilling the beans to someone about your big news. But please know that your secret is safe with me and I won't tell a soul until your announcement photos are officially out in the world!

I am incredibly honored that you are interested in having me along this crazy, beautiful ride with you. I cannot wait to document the most joy and greatest love you've ever felt.  

collections begin at $2,100 and include a minimum of two sessions and an heirloom album


It's true when they say that labor and birth is unpredictable and that we cannot always control the outcome. But, there is so much power in knowledge when it comes to a positive birth experience, even when things don't go according to "plan!" Download this free guide to learn more + decide on your preferences for birth!

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