for birth

photography + doula services

  • prenatal consulting appointment
  • attendance at birth including doula services + birth photography
  • follow up postnatal appointment within 2 weeks of baby's birth
  • unlimited text/email support leading up to + following birth

*these services can be included within your Milestone Collection or booked a la carte. Doula services + birth photography are only offered together.

Labor/Birth Doula services

The Birth Collection 

base package includes the following:

  • minimum of 30 images
  • online gallery
  • unlimited digital download
  • print release

Your birth is an intimate + sacred experience. We will talk through the photography process to make sure we prioritize the images you are dreaming of.

Birth Photography

birth collection investment for local families - $1,750

when added to a milestone collection - $1,600

I'm ready to book!

Many people hear the word "doula" have no idea what it means. And many of those who DO know what a doula is might be under the assumption that they support home births or unmedicated births only. But that is completely FALSE! 

A doula is a non-medical professional trained to support pregnant women + their families before, during, and after giving birth. 

Did you know that when a woman is in labor, a nurse or doctor is typically only present in the room less than half of the time? There are so many unknowns within the birthing process, and every birth is so different. It is only natural to feel overwhelmed along with your excitement.

As your doula, I offer non-judgmental support to you and your partner throughout your pregnancy and birthing experience. I can ease your fears through education and information, keep you as comfortable as possible in labor through positioning and hands on assistance, and validate your feelings while helping you think positively about your birth.

What the heck is a doula, anyway?

Whether you plan for an unmedicated birth, medicated birth, or a c-section, I am trained to help you prepare for that experience, enhance the role of your partner, and make you feel supported in every way.

There will certainly be times when my role as a doula takes precedent over photographing, and vice versa. If I am doing my job right as your doula, you will have plenty of intimate moments with your partner. And in those times, I will be sure to have my camera out! 

let me save you the google search

I knew I wanted to become a doula right away. There were quite a few curveballs that came up during the birth of our son that we didn't quite "plan" for. But with the support of our doula, we walked into the process without fear and were able to stay calm throughout my long hours of labor.

Her presence took the stress + pressure off of my husband and allowed us to simply be a husband and wife welcoming our baby into the world. Even through the hard moments, I felt like I had the best team behind me and it gave me the extra encouragement that I needed.

When I remember Sylas's birth, I don't think about fear, anxiety, or pain. I think about how empowered I felt, the sweetest, most intimate moments with my husband, and how wildly supported we felt the whole time. My hope is to give each of my families that same feeling!

I've now experienced both natural and cesarean deliveries myself. So regardless of how you give birth, I can whole heartedly relate to you. Through my years of being a doula I have helped my families navigate unmedicated, epidural, cesarean, and VBAC births.

I am so excited to offer birth photography and my doula services as a collective package and within The Milestone Collection. 

My passion for becoming a doula started with my own first birth

- ina may gaskin

"Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life."



We will schedule a meeting to chat and include anyone who will also be present during your birth. I will walk you through any fears you are having, answer any questions you might have, and help you navigate a list of your preferences so I can prepare for how I can best support you and your team during your labor + birth.

Prenatal Appointment



I will be on call in the weeks leading up to your due date so that I can be present during your labor + birth. When it's time, I can talk you through early labor + either meet you at your home or the hospital when you are ready. Together with your partner I will use hands on techniques to keep you as comfortable as possible, provide assistance with labor positions, and be there for emotional support in every moment. I'll continue this through all the things that happen after baby is born before I leave y'all to be alone as a family. And of course, through it all I will capture those sweet moments of meeting your baby for the first time!

Birth Support + Photography



Within two weeks of your baby's birth, we will schedule a postpartum follow up appointment. I'll be there to help you through whatever you need in those early days; whether it is concerns you might be having, processing/talking through your birth experience, or even a household chore I can take off your plate for you!

Postpartum Follow Up



You will receive your photos via an online gallery link. Grab a hot cup of coffee + enjoy browsing through your special moments of meeting your little one for the first time!

at a maximum of 10-14 days from your Birth

Gallery Delivery Day


an exclusive, personalized experience that tells the whole story of your journey from announcing your big news to capturing the newfound wholeness of your little family! 

customizable packages may include:

The Milestone Collection

+ pregnancy announcement session
+ gender reveal session
+ maternity session
+ doula services + birth photography
+ newborn session
+ family session
+ 10 x 10 handcrafted heirloom album 
+ hard copy of exclusive "The Milestone Collection Experience" guide


 More on becoming a milestone mama

wanting more than just your birth photographed?

a 50% down payment is due to officially book your birth. After that, the remaining 50% will be due two weeks before your due date. Additional payment plans are available upon request.

a 20% down payment is required to book The Milestone Collection. After that, 40% will be due half way between booking and your due date. The final 40% will be due two weeks before your final portrait session.

100%. My sole job as your doula and birth photographer is to support you through the entire process, regardless of what your relationship with your partner looks like or the choices you may make for your birth experience. I fully understand how vulnerable pregnancy and birth can be, so I do not take this job lightly!

Whether your goal is to have an unmedicated delivery, an induction, an epidural, or planned cesarean, my goal is to simply help you have an overall positive experience.

I will be on call for your birth (as well as my assistant/backup doula photographer) starting at 37 weeks. Starting from the time of booking, you will have unlimited access to phone and text support within my office hours.

This is completely up to you! If you feel like you are ready for me to be there, I will come. However, I will be able to talk you through what you are feeling and help you determine when is a good time to head to the hospital, etc. I just ask that you call me within at least 2 hours of when you would expect me to be there.

become a milestone mama

I am incredibly honored that you are interested in having me along this amazingly beautiful ride with you. I cannot wait to support you through the all of the ups + downs that come with giving birth, and to document the greatest joy + love you've ever felt. :) 

YAY! I'm smiling already.

Ready to Have a Supported Birth experience + the most sacred images you'll cherish forever?

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