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Are you ready to have the clarity, direction, strategy, and accountability you need to finally achieve the goals you've been striving for?

The Prosper Workshop is a comprehensive learning experience + community for female portrait photographers who are ready to find clarity in business and freedom in life.

ready, set, prosper.


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The Freebies

for the aspiring creative

feeling stuck

Tired of feeling stuck when it comes to your business?

BEEN THERE. Done That. 

BUT YOU DON’T HAVE to stay stuck.

It isn't easy being your own boss. You just want to serve your clients straight from the heart, but doing that while balancing the integrity of your business and personal life is so overwhelming! I'm here to remind you that you are welcome in this space and more than worthy to do what you do. It is possible to run a purposeful business that values its clients with room to profit + scale. 
Let me teach you how!

Helping other women grow into their passion and reach their fullest potential makes my heart SING. ​I am a firm believer in that we should never stop learning, especially as small businesses and entrepreneurs! 

When I started off on this journey of becoming a photographer, business owner, and entrepreneur, I spent hours upon hours trying to navigate it all myself. I wished I would have had the resources to walk me through everything I needed to do, step by step.

That's why I have made it my mission to help other women stepping into their dreams through offering personalized coaching, online resources, group workshops, brand photography + more!

How Can I Cheer You On?

me when I see you winning

are you ready to finally grow a business you love?

Each of my educational offers were designed with YOU in mind. I want you to feel equipped with the resources, experience, and support that I wish I had from the very start of my business! 

So if you are female creative ready to take the first steps in your business journey, elevate what you've already built, niche down or pivot, scale your current brand, or simply join a sweet community to support one another along the way....then you have come to the right place. I'm so happy you are here! 

– Kelsie Z.

"Working with Chelsea was the best investment I made early on in my business! I knew I had the potential to go full-time, I just didn’t know how to get there or where to even start. Chelsea not only helped me launch my business to be successful, but she’s been one of my biggest cheerleaders and become a wonderful friend in the industry!"

We will break down each of your current offers and determine if you are both providing the correct value to your client AND making a profit. It's so important to know the "why" behind how much you charge! Hint: it shouldn't be based on what other photographers are charging in your area.

Pricing Your Offers

Providing an outstanding client experience is the only way to build a successful photography business and loyal clientele. I'll teach you how to get raving reviews, create more value for your clients, and keep them coming back for more.

The Client Experience

We will evaluate your current workflow and feed to see what's working well + what isn't. From there we will create the pillars of your brand, dig into content planning  and automation, and how to truly reach AND connect with your ideal clients.

Social Media Deep Dive

you'll learn

when we work together.
Just to name a few. ;)

What You'll Learn

+ photograph a session with me with 1:1 guidance
+ 60 minute family, maternity, or newborn styled session
+ 60 minute meeting following the session to go over questions, workflow, the editing process, and more
+ learn how to work with and pose clients, wrap newborns, find the best light, and more
+ 7 days of voice message access following the session

*available in Wilmington and Raleigh only

Hands On VIP Day

FOR THE hands on learner


Ready Set Prosper

for the growth hacker

best fit for a photographer with an established business that's ready to take it to the next level (i.e. going full time, creating a niche brand, transitioning from the wedding industry etc.)

+ 12 weeks of coaching
+ biweekly 60 minute recurring virtual meetings (6)
+ access to me through voice message 7 days/week
+ personalized coaching to your specific needs
+ accountability, strategy,  & direction to take action

$799 or two payments of $425

$2700 or $999 monthly
currently enrolling to start June 2024


The Mini Mastermind

for the established photographer who wants to hone in on a specific area or the aspiring photographer wanting guidance on where to begin (i.e. pricing your offers, adding albums and product, creating a niche brand, social media and more)

+ 6 weeks of coaching
+ biweekly 60 minute recurring virtual meetings (3)
+ access to me through voice message 7 days/week
+ personalized coaching to your specific needs
+ accountability, strategy, and direction to take action

$1450 or $800 monthly
currently enrolling to start June 2024

for short term, specific guidance 


– Madison Z.

"I knew Chelsea pours heart and soul into her clients, and I wanted to know all about the experience that she provides so I could incorporate some of those things into my business. I really struggled with was upping my pricing, but she showed me that it was simple math and the numbers don't lie. Chelsea helped me get past my mental blocks, and now I feel truly confident in what I offer! I can't believe I charged $325 for SO long! I'm able to serve each client better, take on less, and be more present for my family because I'm not shooting a ridiculous amount of sessions each week! This has truly been life-changing for me and my business!"


My favorite quick way to wipe off my lenses!

Lens Pen


Organize your SD cards and keep them safe from the elements!

SD Card Holder


Always always always work off of an external hard drive! This one has lasted me quite a few sessions + weddings!

WD 4TB Hard Drive


The CRM I use for client communication, invoices, contracts, scheduling + more! Get your first 8 months for $1 month using this code!


for the photographer / entrepreneur

Some of My Fave Things!

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I truly don't know how I would function without these now!

The Blog


If you're not sure where the heck to even begin, get started with these simple steps.

8 Tools I Can't Live Without for my Photography Business

5 Tips for Finally Starting Your Business

- Payton M.

but a roadmap of how to get there. I felt loved and valued through the whole experience and I could tell my success mattered to her."

 "Chelsea doesn't just give you information leave you to figure it out,

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- cayce f.

Chelsea made me feel empowered and motivated. After our calls, I would come out feeling inspired to put effort and work into building my brand. I went into sessions feeling more confident too!"

 "I now feel like I am a business owner and I deserve to be paid for it!

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- caroline k.

I never thought it would be my “real” job, but with the tools & takeaways from Chelsea's incredible workshop, I feel confident that that day will come soon! She believes in what she does, which in turn, gives us the confidence to continue to pursue our path with photography. It was pivotal for me! 

"Becoming a photographer has been my dream since I was gifted my first camera at 13!

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Whether you’re an experienced photographer who's been in the game for years, or have a brand new ambition to make this career happen for you, I can't wait to work together on your goals. I can't wait to see you thrive! Please reach out through the link below and I'll be in touch to chat more soon!

I would simply love that!

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