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A podcast devoted to help mamas connect, grow, learn, + feel less alone.



I spend my days at our home on the coast of North Carolina, chasing around my toddler boy and working from home with my sweet hubs.

I entered motherhood for the first time in the thick of the pandemic, and experienced lots of challenges that no one could have ever prepared me for. 

I found so much healing, acceptance, grace, and encouragement through my online community. And that's why this podcast was born! 

My mission is to help new and expecting mamas feel prepared and confident to step into pregnancy, birth, and motherhood without judgement or fear.

wife. mama. photographer. educator. doula.

hi love!

I’m Chelsea


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- sarah

I'm not yet a mother, but listening to these stories brings me so much peace. Hearing what these incredible women are capable of is so inspiring and it's great to hear what each mama's experience is. Love this podcast, will definitely keep listening!

Incredible Stories!

- cayce

This podcast is so relatable! Chelsea is so authentic. I appreciate the real conversations and the truth spoken about motherhood. This is a must listen for all moms!

So Authentic

- stef

Listened to your episode on sleep training and it brought me so much peace! After listening to the episode, your story, + debunking all the myths, I feel so much more at peace about the future with my little one. Thank you for this podcast!

Such a light for new mamas!

- emily

This podcast is so refreshing because it reveals the honest, and often hard truths about pregnancy, parenting, postpartum, + motherhood. Love the episode about sleep training because there is so much controversy around it!

So refreshing!

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