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First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Being engaged is just the most fun, sweet, and exciting time ever. And I am SO PUMPED that you will have the privilege of having this sweet time documented. For most people, a photoshoot can be very intimidating. Unless you’re a professional model, most of us are not used to getting behind […]


One of my biggest passions (aside from photographing couples in love) is educating other women in photography and/or business to follow their biggest dreams. This is why I started The Prosper Workshop! I’ve hosted three workshops now, and each one has continued to get even better and has filled my heart a little more with […]


Wedding dress shopping was one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning experience!! It was such a fun excuse to get some of my favorite women together and to try on some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing I’ve ever seen. It certainly felt a little surreal being a “bride” and getting waited […]

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A lot of moving pieces go into planning a wedding day timeline and we know it can be overwhelming! Grab our free guide to plan the perfect timeline for your day. 

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