Client Interaction
 Email Templates

34 kindly written emails

for your clients' journey - portraits + weddings


difficult situations

wedding client bookings

portrait session bookings

mini session bookings

includes responses + client journeys for:

This email template  bundle includes 34 email templates to help convert leads into clients, save you hours of time, and make your clients feel valued and held.

Client Interaction Email Template Bundle

save hours + headache!

i want it all!

This Email Template Bundle Includes:

34 client interaction email templates that can be easily copied + pasted into your CRM or saved emails. Includes each of the following kindly worded emails:


  • Album Design ready for review
  • Album - Invoice for additional spreads/upgrades 

  • Being Copied
  • Unsatisfied Client

  • Proposal
  • Confirmation
  • Client Prep
  • Gallery Delivery

  • Lead Response - Family
  • Lead Response - Maternity
  • Lead Response - Newborn
  • Lead Follow Up
  • Proposal
  • File Reminder
  • Confirmation
  • Check-In for Upcoming Session
  • Gallery Delivery
  • Request for Testimonial

  • Lead Response
  • Lead Response - Already Booked
  • Lead Follow Up
  • Lead Follow Up - After the Consult Call
  • Lead Follow Up - Final Attempt
  • Proposal
  • File Reminder
  • Vendor Recommendations
  • Contract to Second Shooter
  • Invoice for Additional Hours of
  • Coverage
  • Request for Questionnaire
  • Finished Timeline for Approval
  • Sneak Peek GalleryDelivery
  • Gallery Delivery
  • Request for Testimonial

this is me - gimme the goods!

would like assistance in wording emails in response to sticky situations

value your clients and want to make them feel supported and valued

want to convert inquiring leads into booked clients

know you spend too much time crafting the perfect email and want hours of your day back

are ready to set up automations + systems to make life easier for you and your clients

are a portrait and/or wedding photographer

THIS Set of 34 templates IS FOR YOU IF YOu:

download now!

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