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I feel so blessed that living in Wilmington has brought me so much knowledge through the connections I’ve and the people I have met here. So much so that I have been using many of these products since long before I ever got pregnant. Upon moving to this special city, I was connected with two […]

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Well, this past December Jordan and I experienced the biggest surprise of our lives. WE’RE PREGNANT!!! I still can’t really get over the fact that this is all happening because it truly feels like the best dream ever. Throughout the years of our relationship, especially as we approached our wedding day, Jordan and I would […]

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Crazy enough, our honeymoon was the first ever vacation Jordan and I took just the two of us! We have traveled together over the years, but it was always for family vacations or weddings. So we were really looking forward to kicking off our marriage with a vacation that we could spend some real time […]

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This is a VERY exciting day for me, y’all. I have been working hard and anxiously awaiting for the moment that I could announce both my brand new website AND the fact that I am blessed enough to have taken my photography business FULL-TIME! It’s actually insane to me when I think back to the […]

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Among my other titles are:  fitness instructor, podcast co-host, latte lover, and rescue mom. I love connecting with people and getting to know my clients beyond our time together, and consider it an honor to capture some of the most exciting moments of their lives from behind the lens. Your joy brings me joy and I am so excited to MEET YOU!

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