Nursery Reveal!

As I write this post, I am currently 34.5 weeks pregnant and having trouble finding the words to describe how quickly this pregnancy has gone. I would be lying if I said it hasn’t been a really difficult time in my life, but it has also been one of the most beautiful times. When we first looked at our house before we ended up purchasing it, I remember stepping into this particular room and thinking “this would be the perfect nursery!” I never thought that when we finally got the keys to our new home, we would be doing all of the moving completely ourselves due to our country being on lockdown for a global pandemic. During those weeks that I was legally not allowed to work (or do any photography), I was SO very thankful to have this little project to keep me going. Taping, prepping, and painting these walls was such a form of therapy through all of the uncertainty we faced.

When I imagined the design for this space, I knew I wanted it to be bright but warm, reflect our love for living on the coast, and have a sense of comfort since I know we will be spending many hours creating precious memories in it with our little one. Knowing that we may be “home” even MORE than the usual newborn days due to everything going on, the way this room felt became even more important to me.

It was so much fun getting to pick out each little detail little by little, and for Jordan and I to work on building it together. When it came to the furniture though, he did all of the building and putting together while I watched, kept him company, and told him where to put it when he was done. 🙂 Jordan’s parents gifted us with the glider chair (which I absolutely LOVE), and it has been so sweet to just spend some time in this room sitting, rocking, and imagining how much sweeter life is about to be with this baby in our arms. The nesting is definitely in full swing at this point, and I am so excited that we finally have all of the little details complete! Even as I write these words, I feel the little guy kicking me (sometimes a little aggressively), so I think he might be getting just as excited to enter the world and live in this space created just for him. 🙂

Blackout Curtains: Amazon
Rug: Boutique Rugs
Decorative Shelf: Hobby Lobby
Glider: Amazon
Ottoman: Target
Prints: Etsy
Frames: Home Goods + Target
Plant: Home Depot
Plant Basket: Target
Lamp: Target (from years ago)
Crib: Wayfair
Crib Sheet: Spearmint Love
Dresser: Wayfair
Gold Mirror: Hobby Lobby
Wood Beads: Hobby Lobby
Rainbow Teether: Colored Organics
Cooper Wire Book Basket: Home Goods
Fringe Baskets: Amazon
Grey Canisters: Target



  1. […] I also loved getting started on our baby registry and our nursery. That’s when I finally started to feel like things were getting really real, and I wanted to start shopping and nesting! I was around 20-something weeks when we moved into our new house and I spent most of my days painting rooms and making it feel like a home. Obviously my favorite room to put together was the nursery! It wasn’t fully completed until the third trimester came around, but it was certainly a project of love throughout the second trimester. You can see the full nursery blog post here! […]

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