Victoria + Joe’s Fort Fisher Engagement Session

Oh boy was this session a fun one. Victoria reached out to me months before about doing a Wilmington engagement session for her and Joe. The two of them live in NJ now, but Victoria considers Wilmington her home. A mutual friend who I had also taken photos for had referred Victoria to me (thanks, Ruth!) but I knew she looked extremely familiar and that we had probably met before. When we got to the session and started chatting, we quickly realized we went to the same high school and shared some mutual years at ECU together. It was so fun to make those connections and realize what a small world we live in– and I loved having the opportunity to snap these sweet moments between Victoria & her fiance! We may have had a few minor set backs such as fire ant bites and stepping in dog poop, but they were laughable moments that certainly lightened the mood even more. And looking back at the images, it was all 100% worth it. 🙂

Victoria and Joe met when she would always go “home” with one of her college best friends who was from New Jersey. Joe happened to be her neighbor, and he and Victoria obviously hit it off. The two were long distance until Victoria moved up north to be closer to Joe where they recently bought a house together! I find love stories like these so cool, especially because Victoria was willing to make such a HUGE move to be with him! But even though they are now both northerners, they still plan to get married at none other than the amazing Wrightsville Manor here in Wilmington. Any time I get asked to shoot a wedding there, I get over-the-moon excited. I may be a little biased since that’s where Jordan and I get married (in about a month–EEK!), but it is my FAVORITE place to shoot in Wilmington! It is so stunning everywhere you look, and it’s also so close to our home which I just love. I cannot wait to photograph and celebrate their love next August!

Makeup By: Amy Kennison



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