Our Wedding Series: My Bachelorette Weekend

*I should note that a majority of these photos were taken on iPhones from the trip! :)*


I’m not kidding when I say that my bachelorette weekend was one of the most fun weekend’s of my life. It was so surreal to have all of my very best ladies in the same place at the same time! They all did the most amazing job of planning the whole trip from start to finish over the last several months. I won’t like, I did have some serious FOMO knowing that they were all in a group text together without me plotting for the weekend so that I was surprised. The only thing I knew about the trip was that we would be going to Charleston, SC and staying somewhere downtown. But it was so fun to build up that anticipation and be completely blown away at all they had done when we got there!


Thursday morning was when we first arrived to town. The girls had hired a company called “Pop the Bubbly Events” to decorate the house and grocery shop for us while we were out and about on the town. That was such a nice perk so that we didn’t have to waste any precious time together, and it took some of the stress off of doin those tasks for them too! So during the day we went to brunch and explored a few downtown bars. We hung out at the rooftop of “Uptown Social” over some cold beers and Frose. When the house was ready for us, we walked one block up the road from the bars to go see it. I walked in to find a house full of flamingo themed decorations for “Chelsea’s Final Flamingle” and I could not get over how cute and colorful it was! They even had a giant flamingo float waiting for me on my bed. Each guest also got a cute little welcome bag made by my Maid of Honor, Genna, with Advil, hair ties, chapstick, a flamingo tumbler, and a “Bridesmaids” themed tank top. My sweet friend Kara also made personalized champagne glasses for everyone which were waiting in the kitchen over mini flamingo floats. Every little detail was thought out and I freakin’ LOVED it!!

Later that evening we all got ready and went to a delicious dinner at RuRu’s tacos. The guac and queso there was out of this world, and the service was also amazing. After dinner we headed to a rooftop bar for a beer before heading home to hit the hay. My friends Elizabeth, Kara, and Laura had flown in from NY that morning SUPER early, so they were ready to get some sleep. We called it an early night and all went back to the house to crash and get ready for a fun-filled day on Friday.

Friday morning we woke up and headed to Salt Spa & Yoga for a private yoga class just for us! Our instructor, Katie was incredible and it was so nice to have the whole room to just us 10 girls. She gave us plenty of nice assists and put on a really awesome class that even ended with cold eucalyptus towels. It felt so good to start the day that way! Oh, and we all wore our “Bridesmaids” tanks to yoga and kept them on as we explored downtown Charleston for the rest of the afternoon. From our yoga class, we walked to 82 Queen for lunch. Somehow we ended up with our own private room there as well (even without reservations) and the food was DELICIOUS. I ordered their chicken salad croissant and it did not disappoint. After brunch we just explored and shopped around a bit before heading back to the house and showering.

That evening was going to be our big “night out” so we decided on scheduling blowouts at the DryBar since we stayed within walking distance from there. It was SO NICE to be pampered and not have to do our own hair before going out that night. It’s crazy how good it feels and how much stress it takes out of “getting ready.” Plus they did an amazing job and everyone’s hair looked BOMB! Before we headed out to dinner, we had a fun little photoshoot with everyone outside in front of the photobooth my Matron of Honor, Becky, had put together. Luckily, my friend Kathryn knew how to work my camera and allowed me to be IN the photos for once!

We had THE. MOST. DELICIOUS. dinner at Magolia’s that night. The service and atmosphere was incredible– and so was the wine and shrimp & grits that I ordered. Everyone was dying over how good their food was, especially the tomato bisque. That is definitely a restaurant I will be going back to next time I’m in Charleston! Some of us ended up heading to the bars on a rickshaw after that, and we met the rest of the girls at a place called Republic Reign. It was one of those places that I would typically NOT go to had it not been my bachelorette party. It was very much a club kinda place. However, they gave us a free VIP booth with a free bottle of champagne since we were indeed a bachelorette party, so you better believe we took them up on it! We hung there (with our Jordan heads in hand) for a little while before heading to the next bar.

King Street Dispensary was up next because they had live music playing. This was probably our favorite spot of the night because we had the BEST time singing and dancing with the band. And the couple of tequila shots made it pretty memorable, too — haha! Unfortunately it closed a little earlier than the other bars or we would’ve stayed there all night. But instead we wrapped up the night by heading back to Uptown Social to dance the rest of the night away before heading home. I’m pretty sure I cried that night because I was so overwhelmed– feeling so loved and so happy to be having such a BLAST with so many of my favorite people. It was really just the best, y’all.

The following day was the most PERFECT Saturday out on a catamaran– Seas Life Sailing Charters. Captain Ryan was the absolute best and hosted us on his boat for the day. He and his crew friend, Trip, even made us french toast, bacon, and guacamole and I mean what more could you ask for? We had a total blast floating in the water, drinking Coronas and White Claws, and figuring out how to use conch shells as blow horns. Yes, we even had a head stand competition on the trampoline which didn’t exactly end great hence the pile-up in some of these photos. We couldn’t stop laughing the entire day and it was probably the highlight of the trip for me!

We were all exhausted by the end of the day, so we headed back to the house to chill hang there after that. We actually recorded an episode of our podcast, Heart + Sole, that evening which was really special. My co-host, Kathryn, put together a “How Well Do You Know The Bride” game, and it was such fun to have all my besties on the episode sharing memories and marriage advice for me and Jordan. The rest of the night was more games and a chill dinner at a pizza spot nearby. Sunday morning was the saddest since it meant packing up the house, saying goodbye, and heading back home. I was actually pretty depressed when the weekend had come and gone, but it was also so good to know that when I was squeezing each of them goodbye, I knew I’d be seeing them so soon for our wedding!

Now we are down to just 18 days away and I can hardly wait to see all these amazing ladies again in one place! Especially because this time it will be with my fiance, Jordan, and all of their significant others, too! It’s going to be the best party ever–here’s to counting down the days!

Thank you to EACH OF YOU for making this the most spectactular and memorable bachelorette weekend I could’ve ever asked for! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! xoxox



-RuRu’s Tacos & Tequila
-82 Queen

-Republic Reign
– King Street Dispensary
– Uptown Social

Our Other Favorites:
– Skinny Dip
– Salt Spa & Yoga
– DryBar
– Seas Life Sailing Charters


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