What To Put On Your Baby Registry

Gosh, I remember how OVERWHELMED I was when it came to putting together a baby registry when I was pregnant. My mom and friends kept asking me if I had started it and the thought of it all gave me a lot of anxiety. But after I finally got some help from other mama friends, I started to slowly build the list of things we would need. Even still, I wasn’t sure what we REALLY needed, what we would end up using, how much of everything to get, etc. I didn’t even know the sizes of diapers, or the fact that I would use way more zipper pajamas than ANY other clothing item we received, ha!

But since having our little man six months ago, I have quickly learned what items are essential, which have just been nice to have, and what we really never ended up using. I compiled a nice list here to help guide any expectant mamas out there who may be just as overwhelmed as I was! This can obviously be tweaked according to your family and your needs, especially because every baby is different! However, I think most everyone will find themselves looking for almost all of the items in the “need” list at some point!

I’ve also put a link to all of my specific FAVORITE items we got from our registry! We were so blessed to be gifted with these things because boy, did we get GOOD use out of them (a lot of them we still use today)! That list is linked at the bottom of this post. 🙂

PS – I highly recommend using Babylist.com for your registry! It allows you to link items from multiple stores so your family and friends can choose where to buy from, but you don’t have to have several separate registries at different stores! You also get nice discounts after your shower for anything you didn’t receive! And there are options for gift cards so that you can use them to buy anything you might need later on.




  1. Dock a Tot
  2. Swaddles (suggest zipper/velcro — Love to Dream, The Ollie, Zipadee Zip)
  3. Sleep Sacks (suggest Halo or Kyte)
  4. Nursery Changing Pad (suggest anything washable/wipeable…we love our Keekaroo!)
  5. Changing Pads (the bamboo ones are the best!)
  6. Car Seat + Stroller
  7. Car Seat Cover
  8. Mirror for Car (2 if you have multiple cars in your household)
  9. Burp Cloths (you can literally never have too many)
  10. Baby Carrier (love the Boba or the Solly)
  11. Pack n Play
  12. Bibs
  13. Bath Towels
  14. Wash Cloths
  15. Baby Soap/Shampoo
  16. Baby Brush
  17. Baby Bath
  18. Diapers (start with ~2-3 boxes per size, newborn through size 2 or 3)
  19. Wipes
  20. Diaper Balm
  21. Baby Lotion
  22. Crib Sheets
  23. Bassinet Sheets
  24. Diaper Pail
  25. Sound Machine
  26. Portable Sound Machine
  27. Teethers
  28. Toys/Books
  29. Zipper PJS (again, you can literally never have too many of these! no one wants to be doing a million snaps or buttons at 2am diaper changes!)
  30. Play Mat / Tummy Time Mat
  31. Blanket(s)
  32. Socks
  33. Bouncer Chair and/or Swing
  34. Monitor


  1. Bottles
  2. Drying Rack
  3. Bottle Warmer
  4. Breastfeeding Pillow
  5. Haakaa Pump
  6. Breast Pump – you may be able to get one through your insurance though! I suggest going to aeroflowbreastpumps.com to check your eligibility!
  7. Baby Spoons/Dishes
  8. Bottle Brush for Washing
  9. Breast Milk Storage Bags


  1. Frida Peri Bottle  – this thing is way better than the one they give you at the hospital
  2. Frida Mesh Underwear – these are much more comfortable than the hospital undies too. They have a nice fit that “scoops” you in without being too tight. And they don’t feel like quite as much of a big diaper.
  3. Honeypot Herbal Pads
  4. Nipple Cream
  5. Breast Pads
  6. Pumping Bra
  7. Diaper Bag
  8. Nursing Bras
  9. Nursing Tanks


  1. Thermometer
  2. Gripe Water
  3. Infant Tylenol
  4. Saline Drops
  5. Baby Nail File + Clippers


  1. Baby Brezza for Formula Feeding
    – We call this our “baby nespresso” because it essentially makes a bottle of formula as fast as a Keurig or Nespresso machine, so it was a GAME CHANGER for us!
  2. Medela Cooling Gel Pads
    – for sore/bleeding/cracked nipples in those early days
  3. Booby Tubes
    – for soothing sore breasts/clogged ducts
  4. Boppy Pillow
    – For me, this pillow sucked for breastfeeding and always slipped away from the body. I did use it in the hospital though and you might use it for sitting on postpartum while healing!
  5. Wipe Warmer
    -It is nice to have when they are adjusting to the world and sensitive in the beginning! It also makes the wipes work better and go further when they’re warm. We just use one in his nursery but don’t stress about it elsewhere.
  6. Pacis
    -A few different kinds to see what he/she likes because evidently, babies can be picky. You may not even want to give your baby a paci at all, or he or she might not take one! So not a necessity for the registry.
  7. Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit
    -This helps when transitioning out of the swaddle but Sylas outgrew his within a couple of weeks. They’re not in it very long and some babies can go straight to a sleep sack. But it was nice to have and it definitely worked!
  8. Owlet Sock/Monitor
    -If it will ease your anxiety it could be worth it! But it is one more thing to charge and put on your baby with a swaddle every night. It could also heighten anxiety in some ways.
  9. Meal Subscriptions
    -We didn’t even have time to think about coming up with a meal so these were extremely helpful! This or Uber Eats/Door Dash Gift Cards!


  1. Baby Mittens
    – most of the PJs these days have little fold-over flaps that work even better because they don’t fall off
  2. Tiny Onesies
    – onesies under size 3-6 months. When they’re still so tiny you change them SO often and they’re so fragile so we avoided putting too many clothes over the head. You’ll use them more later on!
  3. Aquaphor/Desitin
    -found better (safer) products that work just as well!
  4. Baby Shusher
    -honestly, this thing scared him more than it soothed him. The sound machine worked just fine.
  5. Pacifier Clips
    – Our babe never took a paci in the first place so may want to see about paci use first.
  6. Bath Thermometer
  7. Newborn Hats
    – Other than the hospital never really put any on him. You’d only NEED them if you plan on going out in the cooler months.
  8. Nursing Cover
    – Many of us are obviously not going out in public much these days, but a lot of the car seat covers can double as nursing covers!
  9. Dressy Clothes
    – Any “real clothes” until they are walking are honestly just for fun. They are so cute to receive! But our little guy outgrew half of his clothes before he got the chance to ever wear them. They sleep so much that it feels like you’re constantly changing them back into pajamas anyway. Not that they can’t sleep in “real clothes,” but I always just felt it was easier and comfier for him to live in zipper onesie PJs.
  10. Crib Bumpers
    – These are not considered safe and therefore are not recommended.

Last but certainly not least, here is a link to the compiled list of our FAVORITE items from our registry on the Like to Know.It App!


I hope this was helpful for you and MAYBE made you feel a little less overwhelmed with getting started with your registry! Leave a comment below if you are currently pregnant and tell me your due date and if you know if it is a boy or girl! I would love to connect with you. 🙂

xo Chelsea


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