Makenzie + Tucker’s Sweet Morning Engagement Session

Have I mentioned how much I love engagement sessions, and this sweetest couple ever? Cause I mean JUST LOOK AT THEM!!

There were several things that were unique about Makenzie & Tucker’s engagement session. One of them being that it was just after sunrise, which I rarely get the chance to shoot!! Although I am confident in my skills to take a beautiful portrait no matter the time of day, I always schedule my engagement sessions around “golden hour.” There is just something about that glowy light that I LOVE– it just gives me all the feels. And since golden hour happens right after sunrise or just before sunset, most of my couples opt for the evening option (naturally, considering it’s pretty dang early to get up and look presentable for photos at sunrise).  But Makenzie + Tucker pulled this off beautifully–you’d never know they were probably up before 6am to make this happen! 🙂

There is definitely something different about the light in the morning, especially on the coast, and it was particularly dreamy the morning of this session!

I always love when couples put a lot of thought into their engagement photos. So when Makenzie asked to grab a coffee with me to chat about their session, I knew it was going to be a special one! Tucker is in the Army, so she wanted to incorporate his uniform into the first portion of the day. And WOW, does this give you all the Nicholas Sparks movie vibes or what? I love that they will have these photos to cherish forever, and to commemorate this season of their lives. Let’s just take a second to appreciate Tucker’s service and dedication to our country!

I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop smiling this entire session because of how precious these two were together. You better believe I am going to be a total MESS on their wedding day, but I cannot wait to be a part of it in October!

Makenzie & Tucker, you two are somethin’ real special and I am so honored to be able to capture your love. 🙂






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