Karmina + Nick’s Fort Fisher Engagement Session

I LOVED THIS NIGHT! Whenever I leave engagement sessions wishing I could hang out with my couples longer, I know I have officially booked an IDEAL client. Before our schedule session, I met Karmina and Nick for a beer at Sea Witch Cafe, a favorite spot of mine in the Carolina Beach area. It’s a few minutes away from where we would be shooting in Fort Fisher, so I love taking my couples there! Whenever brides and grooms are down to meet before their engagement sessions, I’m always super happy about it! One, it allows us the chance to hang out and get to know each other before we begin shooting. And two, a little liquid courage isn’t necessary by any means but it certainly helps to loosen you up to have a little fun during your photos!

Sitting down with Karmina and Nick felt just like having drinks with some old friends you haven’t seen in a while. Since I am getting married in September and their wedding is in November, we chatted all about the wedding planning process, what we’ve done so far, what we’re most looking forward to, and more. I even got to hear their love story, which consisted of Karmina totally not being ready to be in a relationship with Nick until about a year later when they finally decided to give it a shot. These two have been doing long distance for a while, so I am so thrilled for them to get married and finally be able to be in the same place! We also chatted all about their engagement story, and how Nick had it all planned out for a weekend in Asheville when a bunch of their family could meet them there to celebrate. It was so wonderful getting to know them more, and it definitely made their engagement session right after even more special!

The whole night was just so sweet and it was definitely one of those nights that made me feel SO BLESSED to be able to do what I do, and have the best clients on the planet that feel like friends. I am so so excited for their November 16th wedding in Raleigh this fall! Here’s to counting down the days, y’all!




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