August Fort Fisher Engagement Session | Taylor + Austin

Lately I have been reflecting on 2019 and how blessed I have been for so many reasons. Not only have I gotten to meet and work with the most amazing couples who turn into sweet friends, but we have had the absolute BEST weather for almost every session this year. Looking back, I even shot through the winter at the beach in January and February. Somehow every engagement session was scheduled on milder, gorgeous days and for that I am so grateful. That includes this engagement shoot with Taylor & Austin! When you schedule for dates in August in North Carolina, you really never know what you’re gonna get. It could be thunderstorms, it could be sweltering hot, or it could be completely beautiful like it was for us on this Thursday evening!

I met Taylor & Austin for a drink at Sea Witch (my usual go-to spot to meet my couples if we are shooting at Fort Fisher) and we couldn’t believe how perfect it was outside. It had apparently been calling for thunderstorms all week but we ended up with a mild, breezy night with the most beautiful golden light and sunset EVER! We chatted about their wedding plans so far and how excited we are that they will be tying the knot at one of my FAVORITE venues — Old Homestead Farm! Taylor is a fellow equestrian, so it’s only fitting that she and Austin will get married on a farm. We even have plans to do her bridal portraits with her horse, so you BET I am freaking out over how excited I am for THAT! Naturally the conversation turned to all things horses and I had to apologize to Austin for going on the tangent that we did. But he didn’t seem to mind. 🙂

We proceeded to have the most dreamy night ever at Fort Fisher, and I loved how sweet these two were with each other. Austin was a total pro at getting all cuddly with his future wife and at making her laugh. As a photographer this is always very appreciated because it makes for a genuine photograph, but I know these things will also contribute to a great marriage, too. 🙂 Taylor also did a great job with styling their outfits because I am absolutely loving the colors that came out of these images!

Austin will be leaving for Air Force raining within the next month, so these two are certainly about to embark on a new journey. From what I was able to witness just from their engagement session, I know they have what it takes to conquer anything together and will have an amazing marriage. I am so excited for them both and I cannot WAIT to get to capture their beautiful wedding day in April!




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