Our Wedding Series: What I Gave My Bridesmaids

I am so excited to continue sharing the details of our engagement and wedding planning process on the blog. So, I will just dive right in! Jordan and I had an engagement on the longer side – a year and a half. But I am so very grateful for that time because it allowed us to take our time, to be thoughtful and diligent with decisions, and really enjoy the process. Plus, it sure did go by fast! But my bridesmaids gifts were one of the things that I really took my time with and collected along the way. I am so happy about how the final product turned out!

I had 10 bridesmaids (I know, we had a really freakin’ big wedding party because Jordan had 10 groomsmen as well). We are just blessed enough to have that many people in our life that we could not imagine NOT having as a part of our wedding! But with that said, I wanted to find the perfect combination of gifts that were meaningful, went with the theme of the day, and were also budget friendly.

The first purchase I made were the grey silk robes for getting ready in on the wedding day. I had been searching and searching for the perfect color, but couldn’t find any robes I loved until I came across an Instagram ad for these on Etsy! I was drawn to the color and hit “order” on 10 of them right away. They came quickly and the quality is great. I loved the color in person just as much as I did in the photo online which is always a nice surprise. I folded up the robes nicely and then used their ties to create a pretty little bow on them. That way, they would fit into their gift boxes without getting wrinkled!

After that, I decided to search for things that would be meaningful AND practical for the wedding day. I came across these adorable beach bags at AC Moore and picked them up right away. I got eight bags with a rope handle, and two bags that were slightly different (with the ring handle) for my Maid of Honor, Genna, and my Matron of Honor, Becky. Since almost all of my bridesmaids would be coming to Wilmington from out of town, I thought a beach bag would be a fun little souvenir for them to use for future beach trips (to visit me, of course). I placed each of their gift boxes inside the bags!

Each bridesmaid also received a mini bottle of prosecco (to use for some mimosas during hair and makeup, obviously). Two of my bridesmaids were pregnant, so they got a glass bottle of fancy lemonade instead. 🙂 I also gave each girl a bubble sheet mask that they could use before getting their makeup done, a little fish foot scrubber to go with our beachy/coastal theme, and some flower soaps mostly to make the box more decorative.

Since each of my bridesmaids wore different color dresses, in all different styles, I decided to get them each a different pair of earrings as well. I love how it looks when each bridesmaid has a completely different look that is unique to them! I gave my bridesmaids a palate of colors to choose from, and they were able to choose ANY dress they wanted (from anywhere) as long as it was within the palate. They all did an amazing job of choosing their dresses– and I loved that each of them felt comfortable and beautiful in what they chose. I had the best time picking out different earrings for each of their dress choices as well!

My girls have been nothing short of AMAZING throughout this entire process, so I wanted to make them feel as loved as they have made me feel during our engagement and wedding. I loved getting to surprise them with these goodies and see them put to good use on our wedding day!

I tried to find each of the items included online and link them below. However, not everything in the boxes was available online, so I have linked the closest thing to it if not! I hope this might help any of you who might still be in search of the perfect bridesmaids gifts!

xoxo Chelsea

Beach Bags: AC Moore
Monogram Pouches: AC Moore
Bubble Sheet Mask: World Market
Fish Foot Scrubber: World Market
Flower Soaps: World Market
Mini Prosecco Bottle: World Market
Grey Silk Robe: Hundred Hearts on Etsy
Shoe Boxes: Michael’s
Ribbon: Michael’s
Name Tags: Michael’s
Gold Metallic Pen: Michael’s
Chiffon Bags for Earrings: Michael’s
Earrings: Francesca’s




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