Jeni + Matt’s Engagement Session | Greenfield Lake | Wilmington, NC

Jeni + Matt chose to do their engagement session at Greenfield Lake in downtown Wilmington because it holds a special memory for them. It was where they had their second date! Greenfield Lake is a beautiful trail about 4 miles long (around you guessed it, a lake), so they each brought their dogs to take a walk around it. They told me how it was kind of a funny story, because Jeni’s dog was so nervous that he pooped over 10 times. Talk about easing any tension, right?! HA! Also on that date, Jeni’s car got a flat tire. She said she knew Matt was a keeper because he gave her a ride and helped her put on a new tire. Maybe not your typical date at the beginning of a relationship but it’s certainly one that they’ll remember forever! What’s also cool is that they’ve continued to stay active together, and they’re both runners! So they’ve also shared many loops around this lake together. It was the perfect setting to celebrate their engagement!

We had so much fun finding all the pretty little spots together, chatting about just about everything from Matt’s encounter with an alligator there to our favorite Asian restaurants in the Wilmington area. It felt like I had been friends with these two for years…they’re so laid back and just plain cool! I am so pumped for their Wedding at Old Homestead Farm in April 2020! Here’s to counting down the days, guys1 🙂


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