All That Matters is Marrying Your Best Friend | Hannah + Clint

Hannah and Clint’s wedding fell during one of the most confusing weeks ever. It was the very start of the Coronavirus outbreak happening here, and the “rules” and information was changing from one day to the next. While a lot of my other couples had weeks or even a couple months to decide on how to move forward with their weddings, Hannah and Clint, along with their families, were forced to make some tough decisions in the very days before their wedding. Talk about stressful! First it was “suggested” not to have gatherings, then it became a mandate to have no more than 100 people. Then 100 people quickly turned to 50 people. And the couple had to decide whether or not to go through with getting married that Saturday.

After some thought and I’m sure some hard conversations, Hannah and Clint decided that ultimately all they wanted was to “marry their best friend,” even if that meant their dream PARTY had to be put on hold. The two decided to still hold a small intimate wedding in Hannah’s parent’s backyard (which was the original plan all along, except on a much larger scale). All of their vendors who were still able to safely attend and/or provide services for them made it all possible. They had just their family present, but it was still one of the most special and beautiful days I’ve ever witnessed.

From the incredible details to the intimate ceremony, it was still such a dream day. Don’t get me wrong, I love a big fancy wedding just as much as anyone else! However, when you strip away the big guest list and the bells + whistles and it comes down to simply the union between two people committing their lives to one another, it made this wedding day even more special and raw.

The florist made their ceremony space look amazing, and Hannah’s large, colorful bouquet was absolutely breathtaking. There was still a gorgeous cake, first dances as husband and wife and father/daughter, and a champagne toast after the ceremony. It might not have been the original plan, but it was still a beautiful story to tell. I think Hannah and Clint were ultimately just so excited to be MARRIED, and that is what it’s all about, right?

Of course, my heart broke for them and the disappointment they felt in needing to postpone their big celebration. But now they get to live happily ever after as husband and wife AND still have a killer party when things settle down again! And it will be a celebration of a lifetime. 🙂

Photographer: Chelsea Allegra Photography
Wedding Planner/Coordination: Southern Bell Weddings and Events
Gown: Carolina Bridal World
Hair: Lisa Gross and Maggie Leonhardt
Florals: Wild Hands Florals
Cake: Ashley Cakes
Invitations: 231 Market




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