The Birth of Calvin Joseph

I am so excited to finally be sharing some of these images from the birth of Calvin Joseph. This Milestone Family is extra special to me! Becky and Tyler have been my very best friends since we were 14 years old. Needless to say, we have been through a whole lot together over the years.

In July of 2020, these two came to visit Jordan and me before I gave birth to Sylas. Becky brought “one last gift” that she said she forgot to give me at my baby shower. I opened it up only to find a sign that said “We’re Expecting,” and I just about fell over! We both stood up and tightly hugged each other through tears. I was completely overwhelmed with happiness for her and Tyler, and SO excited that we would get to go through this journey of motherhood together.

A few weeks after Sylas was born, and Becky and Tyler came to Wilmington to meet him. We used this as the perfect opportunity to shoot their pregnancy announcement photos! I can still remember sitting on the couch and helping her come up with the PERFECT caption to post their news on social media. Talk about a SPECIAL weekend!


As the months went on, Becky started thinking about and planning for her birth. She knew she and Tyler were going to want some extra support. Knowing that I would soon be getting my doula certification, she asked if I’d be willing to support them as their doula in March. I CRIED when I saw this text because I was so very honored to get to be a part of such an integral moment in their lives. Of course, I gave them a huge YES and we began planning for their birth experience.

Becky ended up going in for an induction at 39 weeks for her Gestational Diabetes. Shortly after I arrived at the hospital to meet them, she received her epidural. We captured some of the quiet, tender moments of her laboring with Tyler at her side. After what felt like a quick turn of events, Becky ended up giving birth via an unplanned c-section. I was able to be with Tyler while they prepped Becky for the O.R. and later waited in a recovery area while they welcomed Calvin into the world. I paced the room back and forth in excitement for this new family of 3 to be wheeled out of the room. Then they appeared; the proud parents with huge smiles on their faces and the most wide-eyed, perfect newborn I’ve ever seen! I will never forget the way he stared into my camera only moments after he met us earthside.


Despite things not going according to plan, both Becky + Tyler handled it with so much grace. And the way she told this story was one of the most beautiful I have ever heard! I don’t want to write much else on the experience here because this story is hers. She would do a much better job recalling it in all of its intricate detail. So, you can listen to Becky’s birth story on Milestone Mama below to hear it straight from her!  Enjoy some of the precious visuals we captured during the process within this blog.


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